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The latest additions to my shop are fine art prints of my most recent original paintings. These are printed on velvet paper and are ready for you to frame! 

Exuberant Joy ~ bursting with bright colour, this butterfly painting is a celebration of joy, life and colour!

Pure Delight ~ the delight of the hummingbird receiving nectar from the flower represents the delight we have when we commune with God. 



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He Is Risen

I am an an artist from Arbroath, Scotland taking pet portrait commissions and general commissions of animals, landscape, nature etc. I desire to create paintings which glorify God, bringing hope and faith. I specialise in acrylics and watercolours. My paintings are fuelled with a passion and love for Jesus Christ, having encountered His love, His goodness and His grace in my life. 

My desire is to create meaningful works of art with the themes centered on the beauty of creation and purity.

~ Aimee

He Is Risen
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